The Matriarchs' Mentor™

A life-long mystic, muse, thought leader & tantric teacher nestled in the forest at her retreat center in Florida, Tara's dharma (or life’s purpose) is to serve women in this exquisite experience of being feminine & awakening to a truly orgasmic life.

Why I serve...

Welcome, sisters.

I’m honored and overjoyed to have the great pleasure of serving women from all over the world, both online and at my in-person yoga retreat center & 42 acre regenerative farm on the Suwannee River. 

Here's a little bit of my story..

I’ve been a meditation teacher for the last 20 years, serving  thousands of students in their spiritual practice and training yoga teachers at my various yoga studios (I’ve owned & operated 6 brick-and-mortar yoga centers), however, somewhere along the line I realized I was doing my students a great disservice by not teaching the practical (and deeper) application of the yoga of everyday life. 

I mean, sure- you can meditate, but how's your marriage & relationships?

You can practice yoga for hours but do you still react at work or with your children?

And what's your relationship like with money?

When we start applying our yoga practice to the practical everyday experience of being human, that's when the next levels of spiritual practice actually begin.

This is when I pivoted in my work....

As not only a yogi, but a woman who’s been Married for the last 22 years and has a passionate and ecstatic Sacred Union with my husband, why was I not sharing the Yoga of relationships and Marriage?

As a mother of 2 (and a mother who’s raised children to adult hood), why was I not teaching on the Yoga of Motherhood? This is an art and yoga itself. 

As a multi-passionate entreprenuer of the last 15 years who still runs an enterprise consisting of several companies that are brick-and-mortar, to product based e-commerce, to online classes & coaching…. Why was I not sharing the yogic lessons of business and wealth? 

Kula Shakti means Family Energy

If everything starts with family, that means everything actually starts with the Sacred Union of Shiva & Shakti.

The unification of men and women is the beginning of all creation which means the foundation of life is based on the Marriage of the two.

My mission with this body of online courses & coaching is to support women in their Sacred Union as the foundation of weaving ecstasy throughout daily life.

Marriage forms a Mastermind that holds the Keys to the Kingdom of whatever you desire. Meaning, together we can create and sustain our soul's purpose.

Do you desire to take your life from GOOD to GREAT and walk through the deeper doors and portals to ecstasy?

Do you desire a life rich in spiritual practice, purpose, love and EASE?