Matriarch Mastery™


Self Mastery:

-Meditation, movement, values, dharma & mindset

-Ayurveda, kama, shadowwork, mantra, sensuality

-Radical acceptance, surrender, worth, devotion & worship

-and MORE

Relationship Mastery:

-self pleasure, sexuality, shadowwork, values, dating with integrity & intention

-magnetism, sacred sex, sex magick, polarity, sacred union

-Marriage, communication, transparency, working together, business 

-and MORE

Wealth Mastery:

-weeding your gardens, mindset, resources, money magick, abundance

-expanding your tent, collaboration, mentorship, gemology/crystal magick

-dharma, investments, legacy, self assessment, assets, quantum leaping

-and MORE

Motherhood Mastery:

-time management, autonomy, transparency, communication, boundaries

-masculine/feminine parenting, responsibility, self awareness, village roles/tasks

-capability, the lioness approach, appreciation, cultivation, living our dreams as a role model 

-and MORE