Moon Mysteries

Welcome to "Moon Mysteries," a profound online course designed exclusively for women who are ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and spiritual awakening. Here, we explore the deep connection between the phases of our monthly cycles and the radiant wisdom of the moon. It's an exploration of how our sacred rhythms align with our spirituality, our path towards moksha—liberation, and the understanding that women are portals, human channels for cosmic energies.

In this course, we will delve deep into the intricate dance between your monthly cycles and the moon's phases. Discover the profound wisdom encoded within this cosmic connection, and how it influences every aspect of your life. We will explore the energetics of each phase, with practices given to allow you to tap into those energies, capture them, and amplify them for your own self-actualization.

"Moon Mysteries" invites you to embody the Devi—the divine feminine. Learn to inhabit your womb space, connecting with the sacred center of your being. Here, you'll find the wellspring of creativity, intuition, and limitless potential.

We will explore the profound connection between shedding the uterine lining and the art of letting go, as well as the potent alchemical properties of your moon blood. Your menstrual cycle becomes a sacred time for releasing what no longer serves you, creating space for renewal and transformation.

The "Moon Mysteries" course is a sacred invitation to embrace the fullness of your being as a woman. It's about aligning with the wisdom of the moon, the cycles of your body, and recognizing your role as a portal for cosmic energies. Through practices, you will tap into, capture, and amplify the energetics of each phase of your cycle.

Are you ready to embody the Devi and manifest the life you desire?

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