Kula Kids Camp

Winter Camp: December 17-21 2022

ages 8-15

Each spring, summer and winter break brings the opportunity for your children to have a camp experience that they'll cherish for life.

Your children will learn skills such as fire starting, carving, hide tanning, hunting, weaving, building, hiking, foraging, medicine making and so much more!

All of this on a 42 acre sustainable farm + eco retreat where the kids get to feed the bunnies, play with chicks, waddle with the ducks and build life-long friendships built on communication and understanding.

Plus, we just have a TON of FUN!!!

Camp address: Kula Farms + Eco Retreat

387 NW Seabreeze Ln. Mayo, Fl

What to bring:

Our camps are pretty all-inclusive but here are a few things for the kids to bring: pillow, sleeping bag, sunblock, water canister, bathing suit, closed toed shoes and more! No need to bring an individual tent as we have large bells tents where the girls go in one and boys in the other. We send out a detailed email with all the other info after sign up. Please email us with any questions as well!

What to expect:

We have 6 camp conselors per 10 children to ensure the safety and fun for all! We're all together during the day working on primitive skills classes, having fun at the water, and enjoying creative and connective activities around the camp fire in the evening. At the end of the night we break off into girls and boys camps. Tara sleeps in the girls tent and Zeek hangs with the boys.