It’s Earth Day!

I couldn’t be more delighted that this day that we dedicate to the consideration and tender care of our big blue planet actually falls on a new moon this year. The dark moon, or ‘new moon’ is my absolute favorite time of the month and I’d to share why, as well as a few new moon rituals with you.

Simply put, the dark moon is the beginning of a new lunar cycle. The moon has gone through all of her phases of waxing and waning for the past month and the cycle has finally come to completion and starts anew.

Now, anytime you start a new personal project or phase in life what’s needed to start your endeavor? All you extraverts might disagree with me, but what you need to start any new endeavor is first and foremost, some period of deep solitude.

This is my first dark moon ritual to share with you.


You will never catch me at a social gathering on a new moon. It’s simple, but not exactly easy for many of us. I’m an introvert and I absolutely thrive in solitude.

I prefer it actually.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely in love with people. I’m a teacher so connecting and sharing in-person with people makes my heart sing more than anything. However solitude fills me up. This is why I’m able to teach and share so much with my communities. That’s where my creativity and potency lives, and it most likely does for you too.

It’s important to stay home and do our inner work on the new moon. We need to limit our distractions and stimulation so we can sense, feel and perceive clearly. Pratyahara is the 5th limb of yoga and this is sense withdrawal. We consciously limit the input to our senses to essentially become more sensitive. (Not emotionally sensitive. That’s another teaching). But sensitive in the tuned in sense. This way you will be an open conduit that gets the messages from the universe. You will get the downloads for what your true purpose is and how to navigate accordingly through life with ease and little suffering. Sounds nice, right? It’s possible, I promise you.

My second new moon ritual is to clean.

The cycle has come to completion and before we start a new cycle full of new projects we need to declutter and purge what no longer serves us. (Even better if you can pay attention to the moon phase and clean a day or two before the moon is fully dark). This will give you more space and clarity for what’s to come on your new adventure. We can’t move forward with intention and purpose if our lives are full of stagnation and distraction. As you clean your physical space you’re also clearing old energies and I think it’s important to note- open your space up! Open all of your doors and all of your windows. The fresh, clean air will breathe new life into your space and your senses!

The third ritual is intention setting.

It doesn’t matter how big or small, but I do suggest limiting your intentions for the month ahead to keep things simple and streamlined. This way your prana (or energy) and focus can flow to those specific intentions without interruption. Reading this at a glance you might not know what intentions you’d like to set for the next cycle, but remember, you’re using your cerebral faculties to read. You have to go back to step one to get the download. In quiet and still solitude all answers are revealed!

New moon ritual number 4 is to plant seeds.

I mean this both literally and metaphorically. Seed planting ties in with intention setting as well. We plant energetic seeds throughout our life with our intentions. Each intention we set for a new project is a little seed full of potential and potency. It’s germination and eventual beauty and abundance will depend on how we nurture it with consistency.

The dark moon is also the time to actually sow seeds in the gardens. Give them a soak in water beforehand and put them in the dark earth with love and gratitude. This way as the moon starts to wax again, the juices and energy in the seeds moves and builds eventually busting open to a sprout around the time of the full moon. I’ve found that this practice is one of the greatest teachers and will actually help reinforce the metaphorical seed planting, (or intention setting) as well.

During the current crisis we find ourselves in I truly feel like these simple rituals are relevant and important now more than ever. Instead of desperately wanting to escape your house, turn it into a temple that you love. Open the windows and let energy flow. Carve out some space where you can sit quietly to clear your mind and be an open conduit. Get your hands in the dirt and plant seeds. You can also write down your intentions and physically plant them in the garden as well!

And of course….  Limit your time with any activities that drain your energy.
This is your life force that could be going toward growing a beautiful new cycle in life….

These new moon rituals are simple, accessible, affordable and effective. In my opinion this is the best recipe for medicine and magic! May this dark moon open doors for you that were once closed. May this next phase open new possibilities for you and above all else, may this new moon offer you a calm clarity.

In solitude and solidarity,

P.S.- sprinkle your friends with a little practical magic and share this post!

P.P.S- Thank you and I love you. :) 

Written by Alexis Pullins

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