4 new moon rituals on earth day

Alexis Pullins

It’s Earth Day!I couldn’t be more delighted that this day that we dedicate to the consideration and tender care of our big blue planet actually falls on a new moon this year. The dark moon, or ‘new moon’ is my absolute favorite time of the month and I’d to share why, as well as a few new moon rituals with you.Simply put, the dark moon is the beginning of a new lunar cycle. The moon has gone through all of her phases of waxing and waning for the past month and the cycle has finally come to completion and starts...

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Overcoming Adversity - Separate but in this together

Tara Rawson

My students often ask me what brought me to the path of yoga. I feel like they’re always awaiting an inspiring story about how I overcame trauma or some great cataclysmic event that brought me to this point in my practice 22 years later. I think it’s always a little bit of a let-down when they hear that I was interested in eastern spirituality at the young age of 13 and the rest is history. It’s not much of a story, right? I teach so many people that are working through trauma and I know they’re looking for that connection...

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